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Fee Schedule

The following fees and charges may be assessed against your account:

Check printing fees vary by the style of check ordered.


Fees and Charges

This is a table with information about Fees and Charges
Abandoned Account Fee - Per Quarter$5.00
Account Research - Per Hour$15.00
Bill Pay - Overnight Check Fee$35.00
Canadian Drafts $1.00 Per $100 with A Max of $10.00 Fee$1.00
Customer Requested Statement$3.00
Debit Card Instant Issue Fee$10.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee$10.00
Debit Card Stop Recurring Payments Fee- Per Recurring Payment Stop$10.00
Domestic Wire Transfer - Each - Customer$15.00
Dormant Account Fee - Per Month - After 24 Months with No Activity$2.00
Executions - Garnishments - Levies - Each$50.00
Foreign - International Wire Transfers - Each$50.00
Non-Customer Check Cash Fee$20.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Item Paid (Check or Other Debit) Daily Max $30.00$10.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Item Returned (Check or Other Debit) Daily Max $30.00$20.00
Photo Copies - Per Copy$0.50
Return Deposit Items - Plus Correspondent Bank Fee$10.00
Safe Deposit Box 10 x 10$40.00
Safe Deposit Box 2 x 5$7.00
Safe Deposit Box 3 x 10$20.00
Safe Deposit Box 3 x 5$10.00
Safe Deposit Box 5 x 10$25.00
Safe Deposit Box 5 x 5$15.00
Stop Payment Fee$10.00
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